How does that sound, using a vibrator? An awesome tease and denial journey!
 It has been some amazing weather and mistress is loving the desert these days.  I hope you are all enjoying the end of the summer as well and prepare for the fall.  I have been busy enjoying the last of it taking a lot of time off from the phones just to enjoy all life has to give and finishing up some projects.
I had this vision that I am waiting to try with a tease and denial slut.  I would love for you to get a thigh high stocking,  a nice metal cock ring and remote control vibrating egg.  First, I want you to place the stocking over your cock, then drop the vibrating egg into it.  Now pull the stocking tight over your cock and use that metal cock ring to secure the loose end of the stocking behind your cock and balls leaving that vibe tight against your now throbbing cock.
Pick up the phone and call Me, Mistress Cecilia, and be prepared to be tormented turning that vibe on and off on different spots trapped against your cock.  No, you can not stroke only the vibe will be enough to keep you on edge but not allowing you to explode.  I want to hear you cry for release and tell me how your clear pre cum is dripping through that stocking and how you will do anything if I let you release.   I want to hear you beg hard and maybe spoil Me for that perfect orgasm after being edged and tortured for a long time. Make sure you have extra batteries! I think it would be fun to experience that tease and denial from both our perspectives.
If you are looking for more extreme edging and teasing play – I am your girl.
Also do not forget the LDW tours, sometimes it is one hour sometimes two hours of tours and chat when I am not giving tours.  It is also fun to meet others in the LDW kink community and see what you have in common!
I will be around this upcoming week on my normal schedule during the day I might be on a little late Tuesday or Friday night but that will be a game time decision, email me if you want to do a call one of those nights and maybe you can convince me to stay late by promising a sexy fun long call.
Enjoy the last of summer