Hello my sexual fetish lovers!
I am back after taking a few days off for myself, I know all of you are always asking what I do on my days off. Well, part of what this creative Mistress needs to do is take a break from fantastic calls and experience not just my own sexuality, but also life in general.   I love to travel and meet new people and learn new things and it helps give me a better perspective on how to fulfill your fantasies or work on your life problems better.
I ofter wonder  – do you think it is better if a phone sex Mistress is around 24/7 or that she shows she has a life and explores her desires sexually, intellectually and creatively?  I am curious what you boys and girls think.   I know you always want me around writing and doing audios, and here for calls but realistically what do you find more erotic and real?
I am loving the guided mediation program, I am taking some of you so deep and really getting you to open up about not just kinks and fetish but about all types of issues in your life.  Some of the expericiances have really helped many of you.  One word on the guided mediation is does require at least 25-30 mins minimum so if this is something you are eager to explore make sure have the time set aside!
I will be around this weekend for your calls and I am so relaxed and looking forward to having some really fun conversations!
My tour/social hour schedule is changing up a bit this week you will see less of me in the morning and more of me at night this week. Check the schedule tomorrow night for changes! Tonight, I’m in communitykink.com at 5 pm EST.