Hello deviants,

This coming week, the schedule is changing a bit in the chatroom tours , so please check enchantrixempire.com, or, my blog here – up on the tabs is a schedule for tours and chat. I have to say, I’m having a blast in the chatroom! Thank you for participating and coming to learn more about LDW!

I did a few guided mediation calls this week, and it was fun. One was where I role-played an erotic therapist and had to guide him and then, he slowly succumbed to my will through deep meditation. Doesn’t that sound fun? It was to me. I’m not sure about him, but he didn’t seem to complain as I made him my wanton slut!

So what is this erotic guided meditation I keep talking about? It’s really to get you to relax and open your mind and then, you feel more open to my guidance. More relaxed, less nervous. It’s not so much about programming … it’s much more about relaxing your nerves. In fact, just doing it even without an erotic twist can be very beneficial to you after a stressful day. But who am I kidding? I’m not sure any of us could get through a conversation without going down the kinky road….

Thank you to my cuckold for the virtual bouquet I received, that was very generous!  And also, the 2 days of free 10 min calls were so much fun! I got to meet some new people, which is always great, and hope to hear from all of you again!

I’ll catch you this week in the chatroom.  I’m there tonight at 8 pm EST at communitykink.com 🙂

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