I went to the DMV this morning, which is always a “pleasurable” experience. We all love to do that don’t we?  It is a good thing I had sex last night, because I was in a good mood to handle it!  Of course, my guy is so big and able to take care of me and I love sucking cock, but thinking about it inspired me about thinking about all of you …. you guys, who desperately need it right?   Take a listen to this: The Reveal

Some exciting company news coming next week, so stay tuned to my blog to find out more.

Also, I wanted to let you know I’m also on tumblr, you can find my tumblr blog here: https://mistressceciliasextherapy.tumblr.com

I also got my boner boy to get me a brand new comic coming out in August featuring me and drawn by Sardax. I’m very excited! I’m trying to upload another comic, but wordpress won’t let me right now, so I will post it up later.

I will be on a little later tonight then you usually see me, so go ahead and give me a call! Especially if you haven’t been able to catch me at later times, now is the time for some juicy phone sex! Le me know what you thought of the erotic audio, and of course, I’m doing a call for scripts .. .so please send me your scripts and dialog and I will be happy to record them if I feel they are good writing!

Mistress Cecilia