Your favorite mistress experienced that last week!  An orgasm hangover.  I noticed by your emails you sent missing me, I was away last week and I have to tell you I got fucked hard and I got fucked good and I got fucked long that the next day I was literally sexually hung over from too many orgasms.
I bet many of you sexy callers I can make orgasm over and over so you will be all drained and sexually hung over the following 12 hours.  Are you game? Do you think you can handle cumming, then calling back an hour later and cumming again and then an hour after?  Your poor little cock will be all red and sore and your mind will be mush.
I bet it will be a day you will never forget telling me your dirty fantasies as your hear my silky voice in your ear (listen to some of my audios to warm you up) as I take you to the edge over and over then allowing you that release.  Should we make a bet prior to you orgasming that if you don’t call back in a decided time that Mistress Cecilia gets spoiled?  I think that will add a little sexy incentive to get you to that sexually drunk state.
I do need to thank Boner boy or AKA the loser for his generosity you always impress me with keeping your word and make me smile with your fun games.
I am around this week, if you are looking for something different and edgy call me!
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