“I like the way the Line runs up the back of those stockings baby”    Van Halen

Hello deviants!  A little personal secret from your favorite Mistress, I lost my virginity to Van Halen playing in the background it was a life changing experience for me and opened my eyes to a whole new world of sexual expression and freedom.  It seems there are a few things all of us remember from our special first time, mine happens to be Van Halen.  Although my music taste tends to be slower, sexier and lyrically deeper – it is just one of those things.  I bring it up because one of my long time callers who knows these little details about me sent me a gift of their new live album and I must say if you enjoy a musician taking an instrument to the next universe regardless of your musical taste this album is a must have.

I know many of you have fetishes related to your first time: a style of panty a certain color, a woman with a certain shape, or a cock fetish – doesn’t it get your cock so hard  as you take a deep breath and clearly communicate your hidden secrets to such a sexy girl?

What will I do with your Secrets?

Do you want me to use them against you and make you bend to my whims? Perhaps make you wear panties to work and send me pictures or go to that glory hole and suck that big thick cock you are aching to taste.  I know you like that edgy play and I have to be honest it makes me real wet getting you to confess something to me that you never have done and then hearing you squirm as I push your sexual limits….Don’t worry – you can trust me to make you feel really uncomfortable while also in a total sexual high like you have never had before.

You can have me slowly dressing you in a pair of pink silk panties as I tease you so I can see that beautiful cock of yours grow in the silk or perhaps increasing the beat a little to the constant rhythm of pushing your head up and down that nice juicy cock or to something hard that has me stepping on your balls – making you cry. It’s like my musical tastes – slow and sensual, or edgy and a little dark.

What kind of music do you enjoy?

Ms Ceciliatour