But then again, don’t – because I’m a Mistress and what I say usually goes – within reason.  If you are new to this blog, let me introduce Myself – I love doing role plays, I love giving instruction, I love teasing and pushing buttons. I think cuckold, and forced bi fantasies are probably my favorite, but, I have found my fantasies run the gamut. I do get into feminization as well. However, I think I can best sum up my favorite calls with more the more mental aspect – interrogation, psychological profiling, pushing buttons, and having in-depth conversations about what is going on in your life and what has brought you to me in your desires and fetishes. So, I guess you could say I’m more or less of an intellectual.

It’s sunny here in Las Vegas and has been in the 70s and 80s, and that has been FANTASTIC! As I type right now, I have my back door open, it’s sunny sunny sunny and so mellow. My dogs are running  back and forth in the yard and coming back in and I couldn’t ask for a better day. In fact, today is my day off where Im going to just chill.

So catch me tomorrow, I’ll be back taking calls.