Hello guess who is back in the temple of Kink in the heart of Sin City?  It’s Mistress cecilia.  I had some great time off which was well needed and also gave me time to come up with some new creative kinky games to play with you sluts.

Cuckolds, Cross Dressers and Cocksuckers: I Miss You Too!

I have to say, I am always blown away with the amount of  “I miss you and I need you” letters that you dirty boys send me while I am gone. I am so happy to be such an important part of your kinky sexual life.   One of the most intense things is that trust that you can share with me about your desires and wants. I take it very serious because I know you need to have that safe spot to be able to suck a cock or dress up or beg to be cuckolded.

Want a Phone Sex Appointent with a Kinky Mistress?

This week, I will be around most of the week, I really have been super busy with calls and life that I am not around as much as I use to be and yes, Gary, I know you wish I was here 24/7 but a real Mistress and a real sexy woman can not be logged on all day.  For all of you who have been emailing me about my schedule because you are having a hard time catching me to get your kinky fix, I would love to set up appointments with you.  I do request at least a 30 min call because if you are a reader of my blog you will see over the years that many boys get all caught up in the moment then flake out and I am left perhaps blowing off a date or another slut, I am sure you understand as many of you are professionals and like to make sure your time is well used.

I am looking forward to playing this week, whether it be a therapy session about your kinks making them worse rather than better or some really hard core dress up, cock sucking or cuckolding  – I am your Mistress!

Mistress Cecilia