How are my kinksters doing?  Are you going crazy looking at all that skin in shorts and short dresses?  I bet you Northeast dirty boys are going nuts during the week looking at all the young assistants barely dressed, strapy heels wondering if they have a thong on or perhaps nothing underneath their dresses as you stroke your cock in the bathroom stall thinking about them.  Oh yes I know all about your dirty thoughts! Maybe we can role play out that dirty fantasy you have of your assistant dominating you for trying to peek up her skirt.

Secret to a Big Cum Shot

Recently, my guy started taking the herb maca root as part of his supplement program at the gym and the first thing I noticed when I had him masturbate for me was the amount of cum that shot out of his cock.  Neither of us were aware that this little supplement added to increased fertility and cum loads.   Be careful with it and follow directions, but if you want to impress me with a really hard cock or even better, my good cum eaters who are looking for that big load you might want to look into it. God knows I am personally loving it! Nothing better than a firm hard cock that cums like a fountain.

So much has been going on the past couple of weeks, so many therapy sessions, a lot of public play and of course lots of dress up and kinky tease and denial role plays that I cant even focus on one in particular or one to brag about – they have all been kinky and fun.

Fun Weekend of Phone Sex Calls

This weekend is shaping up to be another fun weekend. I will be around for your bad boy calls during the weekehd so look me up. I am in a super kinky mood.  Again, guys, if I am on a call I can not answer you on instant message please respect that and don’t get your panties in knot when I can get to you I will.

Think of me in that short skirt, tight blouse, strappy heels and these amazing light pink sheer panties I am wearing and how my scent is filling them as I walk through the hot summer streets. Are you wanting those panties? Well maybe you need to be tied up and teased while I walk around your desk bending over here and there as your cock just has to twitch and ache!

A Shout Out to Those Who Made My Birthday Special

Thank you to K for the earrings for my birthday!  And also, I got an anonymous gift in the mail from someone who sent me a silver feather cuff. Thank you! Also, the $500 tip from B for my birthday.  Thank you to Loser for the $200 tip I got the other day for playing.

Ms Cecilia