And I have just opened up my door!

Hello cum eaters, panty boys, cock suckers and all around dirty deviants ! Your favorite mistress is back in Sin City and ready to take your calls.  Actually, I was back last week and was slammed with calls and people visiting so I am just getting my sexy head above water to finally write to my very long list of devoted guys who love to keep up with My life.

I had a great time away.  It was a needed break from all I had going on in my life. I was able to get out and reconnect with earth; the smell of flowers, the chirping of birds, the sounds of water moving, just chilled this pretty ass right out.

Sexologist and Kinky Therapist

I have some great news to share as some of you.  Some of you know I just finished my last degree in psychology, and yes family and friends were around all week helping me celebrate.  It was a big push over the past few years completing the assignments while keeping all my sexy boys happy and creating phone sex role plays, instructions, assignments and an occasional shopping trip with a few of my panty boys.

Come Lay on My Couch and Tell All Your Erotic Desires

So I wanted to let all of you know, besides all the wonderful phone sex play, such as cocksucking, cuckolding, cum eating, cross dressing, CBT and humiliation, my Phone Sex Fantasy Therapy office is now open. You read that right.  I know some of you have fantasy addictions such as spending money on phone sex. Maybe you want to talk about that and be cured or perhaps you are a dirty boy who loves to spend your money on us kinky girls and want me to make it worse.  Are you confused about your gender? Feel you are a girl stuck in a boy’s body? Well I can help you talk through that.  Perhaps you feel your kinks are extreme and are really nervous about sharing the depth and detail with it. Behind this Mistress therapy door all is safe, and we are bound to confidentiality. Unless, of course, you are a humiliation junky.  Then perhaps we can fix that or make it worse by having you expose more of yourself.

Let’s talk and play!

Until later,

Mistress Cecilia