Hello cucks, cocksuckers, panty boys, kinky slaves and all my other deviants how are you today? I am greeting you all high atop my tower in beautiful downtown vegas in the heart of sin city.  I love when boys cruise into this town and spend a couple of days – allowing it to bring out all their addictions and naughty thoughts and doings.  You all immediately call me when you are back in your vanilla world of work and tell me all the baaaaaaaad things you did while your brain got roasted and twisted in the desert sun.

Do You Do Bad, Kinky Things Here in Las Vegas?

Some of my favorites are how you lost all your money to a sexy girl here in Las Vegas who you thought you would get into bed with. haha! Some of you just love the idea of giving money to sexy girls dont you it makes you feel like you are useful for them and gets you all hard. Probably almost better then cumming itself! I know who you are.

Cocksuckers, Panty Boys, and Accomplishing Your Sexual Dreams

How about the ones that go to the night clubs trying to see some celebrities, but as the night goes on and the free drinks fill your head –  you end up in the bathroom sucking that hard cock like you have fantasized with me about for years (right, Panty Cock?)  BTW great pic of your mouth filled with that bus boys hard cock, I love it! I love when you accomplish your sexual dreams.

Mistress of Tease and Denial

Your Mistress of tease and denial,  your sexy voice that guides you through your most peverted fantasies will be around this weekend – then, I will be leaving the desert for a greener part of the great old U S of A.  I will be gone the 28-May 2 and will be back to to tend to all my boys who had to hold their cum and their dirty thoughts on the weekend of May 3rd.  Catch me this weekend I plan on being around a lot because you guys always want as much of me as you can get so I want to fill your needs until I am back

If we don’t talk, don’t think of touching that cock and orgasms well they are Denied until I am back….I know you have to suffer, but you know – that makes me wet.

Mistress Cecilia