I decided to record a special free Christmas audio for my guys who call me for a minimum of 20 minutes until December 15th. To qualify, just play with Me for 20 mins, and supply your email address to Me, and I will give you a free 8 min audio – Christmas, sexy style! Please mention you saw this blog post as well so I know you are interested in receiving a free audio.

So… Happy holidays sluts, pervs and overall deviants! My callers are the best and they provided a wonderful 2013 for me that I felt it was only fair to reward you with a nice sexy teasing audio to help you get through the holidays!

Erotic Sexy Audios

I have been told on a daily basis by so many of you that you listen to my sexy older audios and how I have the sexiest voice here on LDW.  Many of you know I have stepped away from audios so not to oversaturate the world with my sexy voice and dirty mind and to keep people on their seats when I would do another one.  This is a very rare opportunity that is only available until December 15th  and please be a good boy and do not post it on various media players, you wouldn’t want me exposing your work to the masses, so I would really appreciate that.

Since you have all been good boys this year, I recorded a really sexy teasing and edging audio. I played it for a few of my guy friends around me and they could not even make it through the first 2 minutes so I hope you will enjoy just as much.

Happy Holidays!

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, and most importantly, I hope this  holiday season is peaceful for you and your family. I will be around most of December. I plan on skipping out of town for a few days of crazy sexual behavior, and of course, I will be taking Christmas off to spend with family and friends as I hope you are too as in changing times like this your loved ones are most important and then we can plan a kinky 2014.

Happy holidays