I had a great call yesterday. He loves to play a game when he is in bars and out and about in town. I always find it hilarious when callers love a little bit of that public play. It’s not full-blown public humiliation, but, riding that edge. Riding around in his car, he wears panties usually made from satin and he loves the way it rubs against his cock. I usually have him wear a cock ring or I make him bind his cock.  When he hears my whisper-y voice in his ear, and he’s “out there”, unable to do a damn thing about it, he gets so erect, hard and throbs.

I will send him into a bar or lounge where he checks out women, and we try to guess what panties she is wearing underneath her dress or slacks. Based on the lining – if it can be seen, or she is wearing a light color, we try to piece together what she is wearing underneath as he relays to me what he is seeing. As you can now surmise, he is a panty slut and My panty slut. Then, I cock tease him as he sits in public and drips in his panties. Of course, he can’t cum in public, nor in his car, or anywhere, until he gets home.  I usually stay with him through the entire journey.

Cock teasing through panties. I can think of many erotic things, but, I really find that super erotic. Especially in a public place where nothing can be done except a quick rub down below…

Mistress Cecilia