Hello Wanker,


I am talking to you.  You know you have a growing bulge in your pants right now thinking of our call we had, or thinking of calling me next. It’s all you thought about, isn’t it?  I’m most referring right now to you, Kevin. You called Me on Wednesday night and we spoke for hours on end. Ahhh, my connisseur of masturbation. We both know you’ve been doing it a long time. So when you were meditating your energy to Me to have a good orgasm last night, I most certainly did. I think it worked. Perhaps you even slipped into My head a little bit when My boyfriend was fucking me so good and long. I had a mind-blowing orgasm as I felt his huge erection enter into Me. And there you were, all alone, masturbating on your little pecker, fist fucker.  If you are an expert at anything, Kevin, it most certainly is stroking, fist-fucking, masturbating, self-polluting, choking the bishop, flogging the dolphin, angering the cobra, battling the cyclops, auto-manipulating, wrestling the cyclops…..

I think you get the point. Your hobby is masturbation. Masturbate. Masturbating in your masterbatorium. My hobby is making you feel pathetic for doing it so much.

Such a pleasure. Next time you call Me though, I may not be as generous as I was.


In other news, the fiction contest ends today. If you didn’t get to vote, please go back to my last entry and vote for whichever Mistress you enjoyed reading.

I am here taking calls until Tuesday the 7th, and will be returning on the 10th.

Until then, I look forward to talking to all of you and putting you in your place as well!


Mistress Cecilia


Erotic Mistress Cecilia