The votes between my blog and the poll at are in! I will be writing an erotic story about feminization first! Next time I do a poll, I will be sure to put up other topics other than feminization so everyone has a chance to read and participate what they are interested in. So give me a few days to cook up some ideas about feminization and perhaps I will put up another poll about it and get to writing on it! Speaking of feminization, I did a rather delicious long call yesterday that had to do with trigger words like: brassiere, girdles, women’s underwear and being trapped in chastity as well. Can you imagine? Being trapped in a girdle AND a chastity?  It sounds absolutely yummy to a Mistress like Me who loves to trap her girls… I love the feminization calls – and I love talking to the girls. I talk to many different girls with various backgrounds and a variety of fantasies. So if you are looking for a Mistress who loves feminization – I am it 🙂

So, a note about my email. The email I receive from some of you can get hung up in my system and goes directly to spam. Unfortunately, if this happens, I don’t even see that filter until hours and hours later. So if you are not getting a response from Me within a reasonable amount of time – go ahead and pop on over to live help and ask Cassidy or Molly to check my email or send me an instant message on yahoo or AOL, and I will look for it. If I still can’t find it, you can always forward it back to me, or cut and paste your request in a chat window.  Good thing is, this doesn’t happen every time, but if you are emailing me for the first time, the likeliness of that happening is sometimes high. Know that you are not being ignored, my email has extra spam filters in it!

Keep checking my blog for the coming chapters on an upcoming feminization story.   Ms Cecilia