Hello Freaky Fetish Space Aliens,

Tonight on Strange Sex Saturday, I have the lovely Ms Violet on – plus all the fascinating topics that I embark on during the show! Tune in for sex in the news, and Strange Sex facts around the world – plus, some exciting new announcements from LDW land!

Did I mention I love 2 Mistress calls? Oh yes. In fact, if you want to know who I have talked to in the past with callers – I’ve had great fun with Mistress Courtney, Mistress Melanie, Mistress Cassidy, Mistress Ashley, Mistress Cassandra – just to name a few, and have enjoyed them all. If you are ever up for a 2 Mistress call – ask Me, and we’ll get one going! It’s a party…!

This coming week is going to be fun for Me. I have a caller traveling to another city, and we are going to go shopping together (on the phone), and send him on adventures all over – where ever we can. I think it will be a blast as last time he was out of town, we had fun as I sent him to public bars and restaurants when he was wearing panties underneath, and we were having dirty talk. So much fun! I truly enjoy it.

If you like adventure, I’m the girl that will send you on one!

I will see you tonight at Strange Sex Saturday at 10 pm EST. Don’t forget your space suits, dildos and masturbating toys. It’s going to be quite a ride …