Hi everyone!

Your Mistress Cecilia is always busy at work – devising new ways to tease you, mind warp you, and make you really think about what I might be up to next.

Well, today, I just recorded an audio in two parts called Hot High Heel Pumps!  Here is PART ONE

AND, here is PART TWO !

Enjoy – I will be updating my audio files here in this blog under “My Erotic Audios” for those of you who check out my blog often.

Also! I am bringing back the Strange Sex on Talk shoe very soon. It will be on Saturday evenings, and as soon as I narrow down a time (in the evening) .. I will let you know! Since I got SO many downloads on iTunes, I figured I would bring it back – new and improved!

What else? As usual – some fabulous calls, and if you have not called me in awhile – you’re missing out!  I have been available for calls much later in the evening these days, so if you have been missing me in the mornings – I’m not there right now (unless you make an appointment). My schedule might change back to early mornings when summer is over. Until then, look for me!

In fact, I’m taking more appointments these days – so if you have a certain time you’d like to do a hot, erotic call with Me – e-mail me at mistresscecilia@gmail.com.

We have a great new social networking site at enchantrixempire.com! If you haven’t signed up – do so, and look for me under MsCecilia.  The more you post there, the more you can earn points and credit it toward phone sex calls. There will be more information on that coming soon, and I will be sure to notify you about it!

It’s Thursday night, and I’ll be taking calls late tonight.

Thank you boys for making my birthday so special!! I got some great gifts – some lush bath soaps, and bubbles, bracelet, book, CD’s, shoes, perfume – I was extra spoiled ! Also, thank you to Ms Ally for helping make it special as we went out to dinner on the Vegas strip. I had fun seeing everyone! It was the best birthday I have had in awhile!

Anyhow – listen to my new erotic audios and tell me what you think.


Ms Cecilia

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