Hello boys and gurls,

Today, we are going to learn about toys! Because, your dear Mistress Cecilia is a toy expert now – having mastered the arts of dildos, chastity devices and all the other naughty toys to further titillate you. But today, we are going to talk more about teasing and denial and the different toys that you can buy to take with you on phone sex sessions with your Mistress. Plus, summer is a perfect time to get those tease and denial sex toys!

So what are  the best toys to get for a tease and denial session?   Love anal sex? Do you fantasize about it? Well, you can try Fleshlight Endurance Jackass!  This is a great way I can tease you, and tell you to go ahead and fuck that ass, but you’re unable to cum – only when I say when!  Here’s a pic of it:

Hot, right? Can you imagine playing with that ass as I guide you? Mmmmm.  Anyhow, another great tease and denial toy is a Vibrating Cock Ring!   So check out that link and that’s another great toy to have whilst you are stroking your cock and being teased by moi!  So, there you have it.  If you see any other teasing toys that you would like to play with – let me know. That’s a sure fire way to get you completely turned on, heart rate up, and begging me to cum – just the way I like it!

So that is the toy selection I have for you this week. Go ahead and check them out, and if you like them, purchase them for our next phone session so you can be teased from here to next …. year…

Yes, I’m going to be around all Memorial Day weekend to take your calls – and will try to be up late so you can sneak away and call Me in the night.

If you want to be teased, or have a guided masturbation session – I’m here! Give me a call and don’t forget click to call!

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Calls are $2.50 per minute, with a 10 minute minimum
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