Hello My Special Boys (and Girls),

I wanted to announce that lately, I have had some spare time to devote to some of My callers as I’ve had some time freed up with other responsibilities in My life – so, I am making room for a few good devoted boys. If you don’t know Me, it’s time to get to know Me because we are going to be having fun with you serving Me.

I have forayed back into painting again – if I didn’t mention that already – and I’m doing an awesome still life right now. It’s a Frida Kahlo study. Now in between painting, and reading and all that – I want to have some fun! This is where you come in – I’m looking for strap on sluts, boys to feminize and mold, cuckolded begging boys, and I would love to spend some time teasing and denying some of you. I also want to hear about your fantasies, and I’m looking to spend some good quality time with YOU.

I admit I was distracted with other things going on in My life, but I told Myself in 2010 – I’m going to take on some more boys that I can bond with, connect with and have a lot of fun with.

Now, if you are wanting some time with Me, please message Me at mistress_cecilia_dominates@yahoo.com or e-mail Me at mistresscecilia@gmail.com.

If you don’t know Me – GET TO KNOW ME! My audios are on this blog, and ask Me questions – I’m ready to get into your head (big and small), and I’m ready to have My wicked way with you. You will find Me to be intuitive, teasing, wicked and sensual – all wrapped into one.

Ms Cecilia