Hi everyone,

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Unfortunately, I write this blog entry in sadness and in memory of Mistress Tara. Last month, Mistress Tara passed away and she was a dear friend to me, and one of the closest to me here at LDW. She knew how to laugh, and have fun and she loved her job disciplining you. She was generous, and gracious, and intelligent. If there is a heaven, there is a special place for a spirit like Tara’s.

For those of you who would like to commemorate her memory, we will be having a get together on Saturday evening at the communitykink.com chatroom on Saturday, January 2nd from 10-11PM Eastern. One of her last radio broadcasts will be played, and we can all get together in light of Ms Tara. I know for a fact that Mistress Tara wants us to laugh, and smile, because she never wanted to see anyone sad.

I spent time in Florida and in Las Vegas with Ms Tara, and was thankful to get to know her. She will be missed. Please join us on Saturday night.

I do wish everyone a Happy New Year, 2010, and thank you all for being here for Me and helping Me to smile, laugh, entertain Me and make My job SO enjoyable.

Happy New Year.


Ms Cecilia