Merry Christmas, my ho ho ho’s! I have been taking a lot of phone sex domination calls lately, so if you have not given Me a call in awhile – do so. Right now, when you call in for Me, you will notice My old number of 888-737-8345 is back up. You will still not get Me direct, but you will get My message and you can press 1 to get to dispatch. If you call the main number : 800-356-6169, make sure you ask for Me and if I am not available and on another call, please ask for either 1) a call back, or 2) I can call you back, but please provide a phone number to the dispatcher where I can reach you after I’m done with My call.

It’s not too hard, but make sure you are up to par with calling procedures so you can get a hold of Me!

Last Strange Sex Sunday was canceled due to computer issues, but this Sunday – We are back! Ms Cassandra is sure to be on this Sunday and we will be talking about our chastity play and all our chastity boys, and ways we love to dominate all of you submissive sluts ! So be there at at 9 pm EST. We will be there to talk about chastity and chastity belts!

I am taking your calls, so be sure to get one in before Christmas Day as I will not be taking calls on that day at all, nor will I be on Christmas Eve at night.

Today, I had a blast with Ms Courtney as we got to play a stroking card game with one of my more favorite callers who loves to leave a nice tip! Thanks for losing the game, my stroker, and thanks for the Christmas tip! That was generous of you!

Keep your phones on speed dial at 888-737-8345, or you can call the number on this blog as well!