Hello again everyone!

If you were not able to attend Strange Sex Sunday on talkshoe.com/tc/15679 – please download the show entitled “Cock Control”. This coming Sunday, I’m having guest Mistress Cassandra join Me to discuss subjects as chastity training, more cock control and our favorite show Dexter!

Tomorrow evening at 9 pm EST, the first Sissy School Classes will be up! Please come to the communitykink.com chatroom so that we can all introduce ourselves and I can listen as to what kind of classes you would like to have.

Christmas is around the corner, and that means time to treat yourself to some good phone sex! Just cozy up by the fireplace, have a nice cup of spiked hot cocoa and stroke your cock to the sound of Mistress Cecilia (make sure you put down the hot cocoa first). I have the Christmas tree up already and I sit by it and take your naughty phone sex calls.

Lately, I have been taking lots of calls and recently received some nice scripts in which I will be recording erotic audios for your listening pleasure very soon. One involved a cuckold audio, and I look forward to posting this up as soon as possible!

Anyhow, be good little sissy elves and be on time to class tomorrow night at 9 pm EST. Also, be good cock control slaves and come greet Ms Cassandra this coming Sunday at 9 pm EST!

Talk to you on the phone – Ms Cecilia