Hello You Naughty Teased Boys,

You’ll notice that I am now uploading new audio content up at teasemania.com – this will be a long one called “The Siren”.  Here is part 1: Siren Part 1.

Also, please go to Ms Tia’s show to hear My interview with her from Tuesday night. Go to talkshoe.com/tc/58393.

Also, on My show coming up on Strange Sex Sunday -  I will be talking about the Vampire Fetish, or any other spooky fetishes I can come up with on that show!  I LOVE VAMPIRES and I LOVE HALLOWEEN. So everyone must dress up in their costumes and attend!  Or not, but you must show up.

Okay – what else? I have lots of pots boiling lately and I’m still giving tours!  I’m your sexy  tour guide showing you the way down our naughty avenues, and alley ways where Dommes can kidnap and interrogate you at any given moment!

I am taking a much needed day off today to get ready for Halloween and to relax. I will be back tomorrow for your calls, tours and all of your erotic desires. And you will be here for mine as well, ya hear?

Ms Cecilia