Hi everyone,

I finally got last Sunday’s show uploaded on talkshoe.com/tc/15679 – so now you are welcome to download that show if you missed it!  It was on Damsel in Distress, and this coming Sunday will be all about humiliation! I know you humiliation sluts love it.

Heard from some guys today that I had not heard from in awhile – I do appreciate everyone who does not forget their Mistress and still calls in now and again! It’s great to do sessions with those that I am familiar with, and I do love getting to know newer people too. There seems to be a new slut always to train!

Speaking of, I was able to get another stroker into my training circuit for some vicious teasing and denial! I was selected head Mistress and now he’s being passed around to five other Mistresses to get cock teased.  Always a pleasure! If you are wanting to get involved in the circuit training, by all means, contact Me and I will explain to you all about the tuition.

Also, don’t forget that you can also do one on one intensive training with Me too. I have slots to fill and time to train.

The tours over at communitykink.com are going great, as well as some of the calls I receive to answer queries and give tours!

So give Me a call, join a training program or do a tour with Me. I am waiting for you.

Ms Cecilia