Hello everyone,

My blog was down for a bit, and then links were down too – but now all that is fixed!  Recently, I got sent an amazing erotic audio script about sirens – which is long and will be put up in chapters, but I will be recording this soon. As soon as I figure out where exactly I will put it – I will let you all know. Speaking of audios, check out my audios here in my blog – on the right hand side – where it says “audios”.  If you are new to My blog, you are guaranteed to enjoy them!

Also, a call for scripts is needed. I’m looking to have a whole library of things to record and I’m calling erotic writers everywhere!  I want to be back logged with scripts so I have always something to record. So do you have an idea? Please e-mail me at mistresscecilia@gmail.com.  Even if you have an idea for a script that I can write and would be unique … let Me know!

It’s been a fantastic week for calls because I have been getting so many interesting ones!  I heard from “J” who gave Me the fantastic script I mentioned – not only that, a fantastic tease call!  As I may have mentioned thousands of times on my blog, I love to cock tease – I love to make you drip, beg, whine, cry – all of those wonderful things in which makes Me feel like I am in control, and that your dick is wrapped around my finger and your balls are in the palm of My hand.

I do enjoy a fantastic tease and denial session – keep that in mind.

Don’t forget Strange Sex Sunday on talkshoe.com/tc/15679 on Sunday night at 9 pm EST.  Those who are early get free spankings.

Ms Cecilia