Hello cuckold sluts,
This week on Strange Sex Sunday, I will be going over the cuckold fetish – what it is, the history, and I will be there to answer your questions on this fascinating and popular fetish! Plus, of course, strange news and all the other events that take place in my show.  Also, I love to do cuckold calls and do them all the time – they are incredibly hot!
Also, I am officially the tour guide for LDW and if you would like a tour at any time, or have questions about our sites, events, shows, or which Mistress to talk to or who would be the proper placement for you – please contact me.  You can often see me in the communitykink.com chatroom or if you don’t see Me there – contact Me through mistresscecilia@gmail.com or through yahoo at mistress_cecilia_dominates.
Now, I will be in communitykink.com this afternoon giving you tours of our sites and everything, so if you want one – come on in!
I am also taking calls – so don’t be shy and give me a call to talk about your cuckolding fantasies, or real life stories.  I love to guide cuckold guys through their first experience, or even fantasize about their first time.  I have beacoup knowledge on the topic of cuckoldry.
Contact me for a call at 888-737-8345 and don’t forget to add me to twitter at https://twitter.com/MistressCecilia

I will see you in the chat room tonight, and at Strange Sex Sunday at www.talkshoe.com/tc/15679

Ms Cecilia