Hello Strange Sex Fans,

I got my reunion show up last night, and it’s now available for download – please go here: https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/15679

I will be posting up this week this coming Sunday’s topic, and I have not yet narrowed it down – so many possibilities! But I did narrow down a news story that I found was interesting…

If you haven’t signed up for talkshoe.com and you were not able to attend last night’s show, then, do so! It’s fun and worth it and next Sunday will be a whole lot more organized. Plus, winter is coming, and what better way to spend Sunday evening then with a spiked cup of hot chocolate and listening to Ms Cecilia’s stories about sex with aliens, huh? Come on! It’s great!

Thanks the to the communitykink.com chatters who were able to help me launch and direct traffic.

Also, if you are wanting to call in and ask a question, comment or tell of your strange sex story, please do so. It would be interesting to see what the community has to say!

What else? I’m taking your phone sex calls all week – so be sure to give Me a call, schedule an appointment, what have you. ALSO, don’t forget about sexytexting.com – a site where you can go and schedule texting sessions with Me say, if you are at work, or your mother-in-law is visiting and you need some escape time from the chaos.  Look me up. It’s a great way to have erotic cyber sex online.