Hey everyone,

Well I have decided that I am resurrecting STRANGE SEX SUNDAYS on Talkshoe! That’s right, I miss being on the air, so I’m will be back this Sunday and the times are still being arranged and this time, it will only be me and you, my fans listening or calling in.

I was looking at the statistics of past Strange Sex Sunday shows, and noticed people ARE STILL downloading the shows from last year! Which means, people like it! Here – check this out and bookmark it:  https://www.talkshoe.com/tc/15679

You will have to sign up to listen in and it doesn’t cost anything at all.

Now what is Strange Sex about again? It’s about strange sex in the news … about strange fetishes and what’s going on in my strange little world! It will be so much fun and I can’t WAIT!  So I want you to be there on Sunday, and I will give you the time.

What are strange fetishes? Well, what is unsual? Anything involving out of the norm of course!  Giantess, sploshing, and every fetish you can imagine. And I have to dig up my old fetish books, and all the quizzes I gave back then.  So it will be EXCITING.

Anyhow, I also wanted to say this – those of you who LOVE to be cock teased – I have some great porn clips to show you when you call, and if you are online, I can send them to you.  I had fun doing this with one of my strokers the other day, and we both had a good time making comments whilst I was cock teasing him.

So call or you are missing out!

Until later,

Ms Cecilia