I can’t believe that summer is just about over. But here in good ol’ Las Vegas, it feels like summer 9 months out of the year so yay for Me!  On that note, I do miss snow.  So maybe someone will ship Me some from the North this winter.

Lots of great calls recently, and I wanted to let you all know that I have some openings for training.  I just completed some trainings recently – so I’d like to train for cock control, feminization, or any training you are seeking.  I’m looking for long term training (even if it is a few days or weeks).

Of course, if you have any questions, you may contact Me at MsCecilia05 on AOL, or mistress_cecilia_dominates on yahoo. E-mail is MistressCecilia@gmail.com and look over my profiles at cockcontrol.com, voxerotic.com, or sissyschool.com.

I am now on Twitter!  So now you can follow Me: https://twitter.com/MistressCecilia

So make sure you add Me. Also, I’m on Facebook, don’t forget. If you can’t find Me – just ask.

Thank you, smartass Candy, for the gift you are shipping Me! I can’t wait until it gets here .. and also, thank you for the gift certificates as always. You know how to take care of your Mistress.

Thank you HappyD for an interesting few weeks of sessions. 🙂

I will be around all Labor Day weekend and have not made plans to get out in the heat. I’m going to stick around here and BBQ, and hang out.  So if you are up for a little Labor Day fun – give Me a ring – I’d love to have a phone sex call with you.