I haven’t had much time to update my blog because I have been with calls and running around Las Vegas.  I also had a scare when both my dogs got out of my yard and ran away a couple of days ago and luckily, with my posting of fliers all over my neighborhood, I was able to find them both – separately, by two neighbors who were nice enough to keep them and not put them in a shelter.  So, it’s been a crazy week!

The Masturbating Idiot called the other day, this time with rice pudding and jizz. Of course, he ate the whole thing down and got sick as a result.  I think he finally learned his lesson this time. And from here on out, he’ll just have to be humiliated in other ways – I like to laugh at him, tease and taunt and ridicule him – because, after all, that’s what Masturbating Idiots need.  He did send me an awesome turquoise necklace – so, he makes up for it with offerings to his Goddess like that.  😉

If you haven’t added me to your Facebook account, or joined my yahoo group – what are you doing? Stop masturbating and do it now!!


Mistress Cecilia