I’m in the process of doing another erotic audio – and want you to know that if you have specific material that you want specifically recorded – let me know.  You can always go over to sexytexting.com and purchase how much time you think the recording will be, and I will gladly record it for you!

The summer is going well, and I’ve been busy with calls and running around Vegas getting in trouble.  More specifically, tying naughty boys up and making them scream because – you know – I love to torture balls and I love to make them squirm especially when I let them think they are going to spill their load all over my sheets. This happened with my boyfriend this past weekend when he thought he’d be able to cum whenever he wanted – but I did not let him.

How fun it was to make him squirm – and when I finally let him cum by Sunday, I thought he was going to blow the roof off the house.  It was fantastic and it was incredible.

I could do this to you too – and I will tease you until you can’t stand it anymore.  How? you ask?  Well, call Me and I will make you beg to cum because I will have you edge and edge and edge and we can also role play, fantasize and I can have the pleasure of hearing you scream and beg because that’s what I love the most.   Give Me a call – I will be around all day just in case you want the domination and torture. I’m the nurse of torture – here for your emergency visit. “We got some real big blue balls here! Wheel him in the ER!”


Talk to you soon.

Ms Cecilia