to Me! That’s right – your Mistress’ birthday is this weekend, on Sunday the 7th, in fact, so stop by and wish Me a Happy Birthday!

I have been unavailable for a few days, but now, I am available for calls – even this weekend, so if you have been looking for Me – I am around.

Now, I am looking for some more cocks to control and to add to the collection, so if you want extensive training this summer – look no further. Also, I’m looking for small scripts – something that’s 100 or 200 words in length would suffice. Want to hear me saying something teasing? Naughty? Erotic? Dirty? Send it to and I’ll record it for you and put it up at the site, as well as depending on the type of material you send.

Now, as I said, I’m taking calls all weekend and I am around to take your calls, and I am in a rather dominant mood – especially with my birthday coming up, so drop on by and show your Mistress some submissiveness and love.

Contact Me with questions, or if you have any scenarios you’d like to play out – you are welcome to do that as well. I will be looking forward to your e-mails and your calls.  Bitches.

Ms Cecilia