… and kicking ass!  Lately, I’ve noticed what a bunch of pin dicks have been coming out of the wood work. What the hell is that about?  Little cocked men who tell Me all about their pathetic, putrid little mounds of flesh – fucking eh, it makes me laugh.  I’ve even had a couple ask Me if they could fuck Me. Are you kidding Me? If I wanted the small cock experience, I’d take an Oscar Meyer weiner and use it on Myself.  Don’t forget all of you – reading this blog right now, that I am a cock size Queen. Don’t forget it. Say it to yourself out loud if you have to:  MISTRESS CECILIA IS A SIZE QUEEN.

Also, word has got around in the last few years that I’m nice and sweet. I’m not sure why this is. Now, whilst I CAN be nice and sweet – I think some of you might mistake My sweet charm on the phone for Me being somewhat lenient and not having an edge. Are you fucking kidding Me?

I think this blog entry is to straighten out you little tootsie roll little dicked nut jobs. First all, I won’t fuck you, second of all, I won’t let you slide. You only cum when I say, you will do your damned assignments when I say, and you will carry out My orders.

Got it? Any questions? Complaints? (I don’t care about your complaints – go cry to your mother).

Now, stop reading my blog and wanking your dicks and do your domination assignments that I gave to you.