Hello everyone,

I was happy to hear from one of my callers that I had not heard from in awhile, it was nice to hear how he was doing and how he is still dressing up. I love to dress people up, and I love to make them do things they normally wouldn’t do (like eat cum out of their own panties!)  I adore all my cum sluts, CBT addicts, stroking fiends, and those who need their dose of humiliation.  You all keep me entertained.

I have been posting some erotic audios up at teasemania.com, so be sure the check those out. I will be making recordings from the scripts I have received.

I just got off a call that was unusual, but very fun! The reason I bring this up is because – trust me, I do all sorts of fetishes and I love hearing the more rarer fantasies. This one was a fetish for vacuums or being sucked up in one. So we went into a fantasy of how the vacuum might suck him up, how big it is, how big he is – whether I’d use the hose or not. Sort of like a giantess fantasy with vacuums.  It was a very entertaining call, and I have to say whilst I love all kinds of fantasies – I do love the rare ones as well that I do get.

I am on a new schedule these days and you can find me on in the early morning hours if you’ve been looking to do a call, but can’t find Me.