Yes, you heard Me – I’m here to “boss you up” as one of My callers says I do. I have something on My mind that I’d like to share when you call Me, speaking of bossing you up – I’d like for you to think long and hard about how you like to be dominated. To call up and say : I want you to control me, or I want you to dominate me – doesn’t tell me anything. So do your homework and research what it is that you’d like to do, so that when you call Me, you’ll have a more clear idea about how you’d like to be dominated. So consider these questions:  do you want to be forced to cross dress? How about forced bi? Do you like anal play? Are you wanting fantasy or instructions over the phone? Guided masturbation?  The list goes on.  No one can guess what you like, only you know what you are looking for to make your phone sex call the most erotic and steamiest ever!

Now if you absolutely don’t know – then, I will discuss it with you and we’ll sort it out. But if you do know and you’re expecting Me to get out My Domme crystal ball – think again.  I don’t play mind games – well, with you I do, but with me – no.  😉

Just keep that in mind if you are a new caller, and don’t worry, I don’t bite.  Hard.

I’m going to be on late taking your calls tonight, so be sure to pick up the phone and play with Me!