I had a thought this morning that I thought would be fun in honor of Easter Weekend.  Since some of you will have extra eggs sitting around this weekend – I thought, you know – why not utilize those eggs for My amusement and entertainment?  What will I have you do with them you ask?  Lots of things. First off, cracking an egg on your cock can be a good lubricant to tease the hell out of you.  Secondly, a hardboiled egg serves as a good anal device (without the shell of course).  Cracking eggs on your head and letting it dribble down your face is a good way to humiliate yourself in front of Me.  Eating a raw egg is good too. Or, just being a sissy is something you can do my dying your eggs pink.  In fact, why not shave your balls and rub lipstick all over your balls – or, eggs, just in time for Easter.

See how My deviant mind works? I just made all this up.

Perhaps some assignments – going to church wearing panties under your suit, or the big Easter dinner.  Or Passover. Or even if you aren’t religious – same thing, I’ll still make you wear a spring dress.  Just depends on what your kink is and we can make the theme whatever we want it to be.

Hey, maybe you can suck on a chocolate Easter bunny much like it is a cock. Be my cocksucker!  It doesn’t matter – the point is to have fun and let Me laugh at you.  I just want to laugh at you irregardless of what you are really doing what those eggs. Oh! Oh! Maybe putting easter eggs in the toilet and you can go bobbing for eggs…

The sky is the limit in My deviant, dominating mind.

Talk to you soon!

Ms Cecilia