Happy St. Saint Patty’s Day to you, o’ Naughty Leprechauns!

I am taking a much needed day off, but will return tomorrow to take your calls.  I will be partying for St. Patty’s Day – Vegas style.

So what is going on in the world of Ms Cecilia?  I am currently doing lots of cock teasing calls lately – must be because spring is around the corner, and too many cock are springing to life – har har.  But you know what that means – right after spring is summer and the girl’s clothes start coming off more and more, don’t they?  Oh, and their sexy legs, shoulders and abs start showing – which, of course, sends your imagination reeling – does it not?  That’s when you need to call Me -  The Temptress – because I will only make it worse for you by making you stroke until your balls are about ready to fall off.  Oh yeah.  You know that I will. I enjoy cockteasing, I enjoy prolonging the ability to have you cum, and I do enjoy making you really work for that great orgasm. I love to tease and deny!

If you have not done a call with Me – you will soon realize that I give a lot of stroking techniques and ways for you to edge yourself!  Especially if you do long calls with Me, you will be sweating and begging Me to let you cum – doesn’t that sound lovely?  I’m sure it does when you are flat on the floor on your knees – and you’re begging and pleading with Me.  That’s exactly what I LOVE to do.

Ms Cecilia