Hello Erotica Addicts,

I assume you’ve stumbled up onto My blog because you know you love the erotic, don’t you?  Of course you do!  I recently submitted two more erotic audios up on getgirlie.com.   One of them being about spanking with a hairbrush, written by Bobbie.  You can listen to it here.   Also, another about being an anal fairy and you can hear that one here.

Speaking of erotic scripts, I want to thank everyone who has submitted scripts to Me lately, however, if you want to hear them for free over at teasemania.com,  you will have to submit them to be 3 minutes or less. Or, another thought is that I can record it in sections and post it weekly, as in chapters.  Whatever is easiest, and for your listening pleasure.  However, I’m unable to record anything at one spin that’s more than 3 minutes.  Keep sending in your erotic audio scripts to Me! I can never have enough.

Oh  – great news for those who love stories! We have a new site up geared toward erotic storytelling, so if you love erotic literature, and an erotic voice – go on over to sexystorytellers.com and check it out! I shall be featured on the site soon.  So if you love the idea of being told a nice bedtime story, then check us out there!

Alright – Im looking for some good trainees lately, and if you are looking for a Mistress that you want to have in your life on a daily basis through phone or e-mail – whether you are looking for cock control, or sissy training – I am available for that at a tuition cost.  If you have any questions on that, hit me on on messenger – or e-mail Me at MistressCecilia@gmail.com.

Later Naughties

Ms Cecilia