That’s what I do – I capture one soul at a time, and take you into the depths of My dungeon, so to speak – making you even more addicted then before.  What else is going on? I’m waiting for the weather to warm up here in Las Vegas so I can break out the short shorts, and the skirts! It’s supposed to be in the 70’s soon here, and it’s about time! I sure as hell didn’t move to Las Vegas to live in this cold weather!  Of course, I am whining about 50 degrees, but still ….   It’s certainly time for me tease the boys with My long legs and body and I’m waiting!

Until then, I can cock tease you until your balls turn blue – which is exactly what I want to do with you. I’m really in the mood for some hot roleplay – so, if you are up for it too – I highly recommend that you give Me a call and we can play out some nice, devilish scenarios.

I am off to work on a recording – if you have any personal audios you want, you are welcome to pay for them through and then let Me know what you would like.

Mistress Cecilia