Mistress Cecilia is back with a special public service announcement – if you are addicted to having control over you, I can counsel you through that by having you call Me for even more dominating control.  I mean, isn’t that the only way?  haha

What else?  I love that some of you are quite addicted to Me. I have to say that wrapping you around My little finger and Me controlling your mind and your dick – is the best way for Me to pass My time.  I want you to addicted to Me. I want you to feel that you can’t sleep at night without My control, without My voice echoing in your pathetic pea sized brain.  You know you need My control and that you desire it – so it’s time you have in to Me 100%.

I am taking calls all weekend long, so there are no excuses to pick up the phone and dial at virtually anytime you see Me around.

Ms Cecilia