I jsut got off a fantastic two girl call with Me and Mistress Ashley – WOW!  Remnants of the roleplay are still playing in My head about dressing up Crystal and making her transform completely into a woman and all along on a sci-fi adventure of traveling to another planet where the planet was filled with transgenders. Yay!

Also, the other day I had a two Mistress call with Ms Carmen with “bouncy boy” and we had a good time really giving him a hard time.

So, if you want a Mistress duo – you know you get double the trouble, double the fun, double the domination.

Well, I’ve been having fun here in Las Vegas – hitting the casinos, and hanging out with friends and cock teasing the men out on the streets.  Since it’s warm here – I get to wear shorts and short skirts and show off My legs, of which I completely love to do.

So, what’s going on with you on Super Bowl Sunday? I think you should drop by at half time and give your Mistress Cecilia a call and why not do a 2 girl whilst you’re at it?  You should be working out your feminine side, or your cock during half time anyway after drinking all that coke or beers, and stuffing your face with chips and cheese anyway, right?


Ms Cecilia