If you have wondered where to hear a lot of My audios – you’ll be pleased to know that there are a growing library of them.  Here in this blog, on the right hand side, you’ll find a section of my erotic audios which will take you to a page with a list of them.  You can always put them in your iPod, as I have heard many do.  I was once told that a caller of Mine put his mp3’s on his iPod and would ride the train, or the bus around where he lived and listen to My voice and get very excited in doing so. I have to admit, that is naughty because I talk about naughty things in my erotic audios!

Also, if you jet on over to teasemania.com, you’ll find many of My audios if you do a search on My name, you should find them. You can also check out the other Mistresses’ audios there as well – there is a lot of good material up!

Another place is a pay site where My audios are featured, and they are mainly stories with chapters.  The site is called mistressalwayswins.com, and you can find many of the audios there of mine to enjoy.

But don’t forget to check out sites like cockradio.com where you can sometimes hear My voice, and hear the voice of the other LDW Mistresses as well!  You will want to check all these awesome sites out to hear these lovely voices.

Keep in mind too that if you want a custom made audio, I do those if you go pay at sexytexting.com. Ask Me for details.  Also, you can send me small scripts to post up at teasemania.com anytime.

Ciao for now,

Ms Cecilia