Hello deviants,

This week I’ve been noticing a trend – I’m not sure where all the cuckolds have been, but lately they have been literally crawling out of the woodwork.  Just this week, I have spoken to many who want to be cuckolds, or who are cuckolds – I think there are a lot of men who are seeking this.  I have a suggestion for those who are seeking cuckoldry – either find a woman who is into this early on, or find an open minded woman.  I’m constantly giving advice to those that are in long term marriages, which, of course is fine. However, don’t be surprised if your lady is not so hot on the idea if you’ve been married to her for 20 plus years and she’s suddenly shocked you are asking this of her.

Also, communicate people! What’s wrong with you?  Communicate with Me, but also communicate with your wife or girlfriend. How in the hell is she going to know what you are into in the first place?  You’d be surprised what you find out when you open your mouth and you let words fall out – a treasure trove of discovery, or yes, maybe disappointment – but either way, you’ll receive your answer.

I also welcome phone sex calls from girlfriends or wives and have actually spoken with many on the phone. I receive calls from everyone.  So, if your girlfriend is curious about how to go about this – have her give Me a call.  I’d be glad to assist both of you in your cuckoldry needs!  If you are looking for erotic sexy text sessions, you can also contact Me for that as well.

Give Me a call.

Ms Cecilia