Hello Players (pun on word and those who played the game),

I recently closed the game on the teasemania.com forum and wanted to announce that no one got the answers right!  I surmised that it was quite tough, and the answers are now posted up.  As I type this, we are getting together a new game that hopefully will be a little easier for everyone to guess.  So keep checking the teasemania.com forum for the new game with our sexy Mistresses!

I think it’s important to capture you first by your mind, then by your cock or for you sissies, by clit. haha.

I am going to be around a lot for calls today – so be sure send me a message if you are interested in a session, or just call Me. Remember my phone number is posted up at the top of this blog.  Be sure to program it in your phone for emercencies. 😛

Ms Cecilia