Yesterday, I was graced by sissy Anna’s presence – which, of course, is always a blast!  I told her she was to now resort to her sissy baby ways and we’d go explore that route of play.  I will look forward to looking over her as she explores that side of herself!  We had a fun time catching up, and she was also in chastity – so, I wonder how long his wife will let her stay in it? We will have to see!

Also, party slut, as I like to call her – called in her panties yesterday and was partying with vodka and cranberry juice. What can I say? The party sluts adore me!

Lately, I’ve been taking calls and coming from my bathroom – I keep a radio on tuned to the classical station. It’s on very low, I’m the only one who can hear it while doing calls. I have to admit a certain humor to listening to the screams and torturing from a submissive whilst I listen to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.  Is that twisted or what?

Whether it is or not, I admit getting quite a thrill from it as if I’m somehow conducting my own warped symphony though a cacophony of screams and moans.  I usually like to conduct with a strap on, that’s My favorite way.

Anyway, My flute playing masturbators, I will speak to you soon! I will be taking calls all weekend – look for Me.  And have your flutes shiny, greased up and ready.  🙂

Mistress Cecilia