Hello everyone,

Some thank you’s in order- to M.I. who recently sent me a couple of scripts of which I will be recording soon and putting up on teasemania.com, as well as to Mr. A who also sent me a script.  Now, I’ve got material to work with.

Also, Mr. A, thank you for the plethora of gift certificates you’ve been sending me – with all the Petco gc’s all everything! I recently adopted another little dog to play with My other dog – he is a terrier mix, and a smaller dog. He’s very cute. I thought he actually might be too yippy, yappy for Me as a tough Mistress (I always imagined Mistresses with Rottweiler’s or Dobermans), but he has a lot of character, this one.  Between taking calls, I’ve been playing with both of them today.

Now, speaking of calls, I’m taking calls all weekend – unless I get super distracted and go to a casino. But as long as I’m getting calls, I’ll be here.  I had Mr. Dirty Panties call again this morning, of which, I had not heard from in a long time. He has an obsession with his secretary and her gym bag (the contents within) and her high heels. Such a dirty, naughty slut. Honestly.

I’ve thought that it really is My duty to torture all of you sluts. I’m the bane of your existence – all you naughty sluts who love to steal panties, and all the other little sinful things you do. I think that I’m sort of like a drug – you have this dirty thought – and I exemplify it, and make it more possible – pushing your limitations to the utmost.

And with that, I bid you adieu.

Ms Cecilia