I’ve been so busy with calls and running around Las Vegas, that I havent had time to do audios. Tomorrow, you will have fresh hot audios – just in time for Thanksgiving dinner (and a little early too!)  I post the audios up at mistressalwayswins.com, as well as the the forum on teasemania.com. What I would like to get from you is more audio scripts – I’m really in the need for them, so even if you only have a small script that’s less than a minute – that is completely fine. If you want to hear My voice with your own dirty thoughts – then send something on to Me.

So, the question is – have I been gambling since I have been here? Yes, I have – twice. Did I win? No, no I didn’t.  Will I gamble again anyway? Yes, yes I will.  It’s actually quite fun!

Now, what’s going on in the world of the famous Ms Cecilia?  As I have said, I have been taking lots of calls, and I did an awesome text session last night. It was geared toward a giantess fantasy – where I had the little guy in a gingerbread house – and I completely munched him down.  I always have fun with that online because I can use My creativity and it’s cool if he’s cutting and pasting the text, so he can read it over later.  If you ever want a text session, all you do is go to :  sexytexting.com, purchase some time, and let Me know that you paid.  Then, we can get started!

Until then, I’m taking calls all this week. Look for Me!

Ms Cecilia