Before I drift off into the sunset and into Sin City – I want you all to be thinking, whilst I am gone, about the goals you want to achieve upon My return.  Since I am making such a huge step with this move, and this is a life-altering event for Me – it’s really high time you also stepped up to the plate and made some changes yourself!

“Oh, pray tell, what do you mean Mistress Cecilia?”

I MEAN if you have been thinking about doing something naughty and kinky for years, but have yet to do it – NOW IS THE TIME!  Have you wanted to use a dildo on yourself but have been too scared to do it, what about having a woman, like Myself, take complete control of your orgasms?    That is exactly what I am here for. I am the confessional to all your dark, twisted secrets, I am your “psychologist”, and more importantly, above all else – I am your Mistress!

Keep that in mind whilst I trek all the way across the country – and by the time I return, you will have plenty of time to think about what you want to accomplish as a cuckold, cocksucker, or what have you.

I will not be blogging again until I am in sin city. This is the last blog entry here in Pittsburgh!

Until then, be good!

Ms Cecilia