Well – Nancy Knickers called again the other day, and provided Me with much entertainment as she told Me how she loves to dress up and beg for “milkings” as she calls it.  Of course, I think it’s hilarious.  “Cunty Cow” – another name which is used for her – is likes to beg his wife for milkings – and she never allows him to have it.  Love it.  That’s cock control at it’s finest.

One of which wanted to be more attentive to someone he works with – and to be more attentive to Me. I hope that he does, or he does know what’s coming to him if he decides to ‘backslide’. You heard Me, W.E.  😉

I am up late tonight because I had these thoughts on My mind, and wanted to get a blog post up about it. Of course, I will be back taking calls tomorrow, and I want to hear how much you want to serve me. Make sure you are on your knees before you pick up and dial that phone, ya hear?

Ms Cecilia