Wow – last night I went downtown Pittsburgh and witnessed the HUGE fireworks display for the 250th birthday of the city!  There was 17 points of where fireworks went off and it was incredible. I kind of froze my ass off, but had some coffee and a jacket, and was able to survive it – but it was well worth the wait!

So, those of you who do follow My blog religiously, I did put up some new erotic audios in this blog that I transferred over from  So, be sure to check those out. I always try to put the best of the best in audios up in this blog.

As far as Las Vegas is concerned, I’ve had a lot of you ask Me what My plans are.  I will announce to you as soon as I know better – but I can tell you that My stay in Pittsburgh is getting nigh, so I will announce it here. And yes, I’m taking My job with Me! I love My job, and will stay with it for as long as My callers continue to call and love the sessions I provide.

Which reminds Me – I invented a new game, but if you want to know more about it, please instant message Me at mistress_cecilia_dominates on yahoo – or MsCecilia05 on AOL.   The game can apply to orgasm denial, or it can apply to edging, stroking, fucking your ass with a dildo. Actually, I’m making up rules as I go.  Isn’t that what a Mistress does?

Call Me if you know what’s good for you.


Ms Cecilia